Platzhirsche habens nicht leicht

Letzte Woche habe ich die Episode How incumbents become digital disruptors des McKinsey Podcast angehört. Dort geht es darum, wie etablierte Marktführer (Incumbents) mit Disruption umgehen. Es lohnt sich, den Podcast anzuhören.

“I think companies are well geared for running their business at current course and speed or responding to a very immediate and real crisis. But disruption is in between those two goalposts because it’s uncertain, and it plays out over a very, very long period of time, and we get the proverbial boiling-frog problem in a company where the pressures of the short term and what’s real and what’s in front of your face are so all encompassing that the disruption gets underplayed.”

Dort wird auch auf den Artikel An incumbent’s guide to digital disruption von Chris Bradley und Clayton O’Toole Bezug genommen.